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The Sacred Heart Duet Review

Picture of Holly with her Sacred Heart Duet. Click the picture to get to my interview with Holly!

Before I start this review, I need to give you guys some information. This Duet is not for everyone, unfortunately. This book does cover some MAJOR topics, that triggers some people. I’m going to list them below as well as the blurb for each novel.

TRIGGER WARNINGS (FROM HOLLY HERSELF) FOR BLURRY MESSES: emotional abuse, mental health struggles, assault, grief, talk of self-harm and addiction Contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes

TRIGGER WARNINGS (FROM HOLLY HERSELF) FOR MESSY LOVE: emotional abuse, mental health struggles, assault, grief, addiction, suicidal ideation, medical concerns. Contains explicit language and graphic sex scenes.

Blurb for Blurry Messes:


That’s the life Ellie has always known.

Now that she’s leaving home, she hopes to start fresh at college with her boyfriend, Hunter. He has been her support system for the past two years—the only one who ever noticed the pain simmering just beneath the surface. Hunter knows how to ease the ache and comfort Ellie in times of need.

But he also knows how to make her hurt again.

As Ellie takes her first steps into adulthood, she quickly realizes all her problems followed her. Feeling trapped and hopeless, she’s resorted to the belief that her life will never be more than what it is.

Until she meets Mateo.

Ellie and Mateo’s worlds collide when they become partners in philosophy class. As an experienced upperclassman, Mateo shows Ellie a different way of thinking and being.

She’s used to Hunter seeing her for her shame and suffering.
But Mateo sees Ellie for more than the broken girl she thinks she is—he sees her as whole.

If Ellie takes a chance on Mateo, so much could go right—if she can get past everything that’s going wrong.

Is she able to step out of the life she’s grown comfortable with in order to embrace a new love story, or will the past come back to hurt her?

Blurb for Messy Love:

Three people
Two broken hearts
One way out: through

Returning to college at the start of a new school year, Ellie’s traveling down a road that’s far from ideal. 

She’s forced by Hunter’s side thanks to their arrangement, and finds herself easily slipping back into their toxic relationship and the emotional whirlwind that comes with it. Stuck in a tangled web of blackmail, lies, isolation and abuse—Ellie is desperate to free her heart from constant turmoil.

Reaching her breaking point, Ellie finally decides to take her healing into her own hands as she crosses paths with Mateo once again. 

While Ellie struggles to find her footing, Mateo’s also fighting his own internal battles. Trying to mend his broken heart, Mateo realizes he needs to heal from his past in order to thrive in the present.

As both Ellie and Mateo embark on a journey toward healing and self-worth, the two learn to lean on each other for support in more ways than one. Can they successfully reunite after a season of pain and heartache, or will their pasts stand in the way?

Now that I have given you guys the synopsis & trigger warnings of both novels, I will let you guys know how I feel about them. Other than the fact that they’re my favorite duet.


“I am crying at the ending as I write this review. No joke. Tears falling down my face, waiting for my father in law to make fun of me for crying over a book. But oh my god. The way holly wrote this novel. The emotions showed between Ellie and Mateo were heartbreaking in the end. I cant believe the ending was a cliffhanger, but I LOVED it anyways. Cant wait for more”

Yes that was exactly what I posted to goodreads and on Instagram. Actually I think I just posted my review to my story. But I reread this book, quietly one night because I was a little sad. And this book wrecked me.

I saw 14 & 15 year old me, like treated like how Hunter treated Ellie. My intense love for the book in turn made me sign up for her ARC team, and when ARC signups for Messy Love came around, I JUMPED at the signup opportunity. And lucky for me, Holly and her team chose me to be part of that team.

Joining that team in turn made me LOVE Holly’s writing even more because Messy Love is probably my favorite out of the duet. Now you’ll know why


I just finished this novel this morning but I had to share my feelings and thoughts with you guys because I loved this novel. So much. I see parts of me in Elle and it makes me feel so many different feelings. Enjoy my review, and please if you can enjoy this work of art.

Elle made a decision to help Mateo and his future, but at what cost? Hunter is being well Hunter and she just wants to get through the year. Until the anniversary of the fight, so she can tell Mateo everything.

I loved this novel. Elle and Mateo definitely deserved this happy ending and I am so happy they got it. I love how Elle’s character grew SUBSTANTIALLY! I won’t spoil how, but I am so proud of Elle. And in turn, Elle reminds me of myself, removing myself from abusive hands, and it makes me proud of younger me.

I will admit the beginning was hard to get through. The way Hunter said things and did things reminded me so much of my “Hunter” and it took some pausing for me. But that doesn’t make me love this novel any less. I love how freaking amazing everyone in Elle’s life is, and the way we find out that they are amazing, makes it better! I definitely recommend this read for those that can get through it without triggering themselves.

Again, what I said on Goodreads & Instagram. This book captivated me. I was so in love with the story of Mateo and Ellie. I was in love with Hollys writing. For those of you who don’t know, Holly went with a reversal of common tropes, bad boy with a heart of gold, good boy whose actually terrible, and the good girl is a hot mess. And it shows so much realism, making the novel so much more relatable. Especially for victims & strugglers of mental health.

Mental health is such a huge topic that is only just becoming more normalized. So naturally I fall in love with books that don’t glamorize mental health, but show the effects of it. Good and bad, for all parties. Books that show people are more than what you see at school or work. Life is hard and people don’t need hate, they need love.

There it is lovely people. Those are my reviews of the Sacred Hearts Duets. I hope those of you who can read this duet, do. And I hope you guys all fall in love with this duet just like I did. I’ll link their kindle unlimited links and Holly’s Instagram below.

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