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Author Interiew with Holly Caste

Picture from Holly’s instagram.

Hello everyone, and welcome to my first author interview! I got the amazing pleasure to interview a favorite author of mine- Holly Caste! Thank you so so much Holly for volunteering to be my first interviewee! I loved our conversation and getting to learn more about you!

For those of you who don’t know- Holly wrote the Sacred Hearts Duet, which probably takes the cake as my favorite duology/duet. I will post a review over this duet in my next post, but I do have them reviewed on my Instagram and Goodreads.

*DISCLAIMER- This interview was conducted on Instagram, over DM, not all parts of the conversation are included, but all questions I asked Holly are. *

Liz (me): So, when did you first start writing?

Holly: I started writing as a hobby when I was young. I never had the intention or goal to write a book- it just kind of happened

Liz: I love that. What inspired you to write/publish your Sacred Hearts Duet?

Holly: This is going to be a long one lol. The Scarred Hearts Duet is loosely based off my life. I put a handful of real life experiences into a fictional world and somehow, two books were created out of it. At first, the books were a way for me to process some things that had happened to me. But, as I continued to write, I felt the pull to publish. Not only am I an avid romance reader, but I’m also a therapist. I have my own private practice & there’s a lot of “Ellie’s” who enter my office. I figured by publishing these books, I could help people on a wider scale while also creating an entertaining story and giving romance readers those swoony & steamy scenes we love!

Liz: I’m tearing up now. Growing up reading other peoples experiences helped me feel less lonely.

Holly: Yes! We’re in this together💜

Liz: In the Sacred Hearts Duet, were there any risks that you took that paid off?

Holly: I’m really big on challenging people’s perception (including my own!). Not everyone is open to that, not everyone wants to read a story where their beliefs & thoughts are being confronted. I did this in subtle ways throughout the books, and I’m not sure if everyone caught those moments, but I know the people who did seemed to be very appreciative of it.

In addition, I also challenged a lot of the traditional tropes. The “bad boy” actually has a soul made of gold, the “good girl” is a hot mess, and the “pretty boy” is actually a piece of trash. It’s also not a true love triangle because the main character isn’t pining over the both of them. It made me nervous to publish a book that didn’t have those tropes playing out in a specific way, but my readers seemed to enjoy a story that was a little different.

Liz: As a reader, I can say I loved the challenged tropes. It gave a taste of reality and how not everyone is how they seem to be. So as an author, and reader, what are some important elements that make up good writing?

Holly: Definitely having full dimensional characters. As a reader and author, I enjoy when characters fuck up, when they do stupid things that piss me off, when they second guess themselves, etc. It makes them real!

Liz: Yes I totally agree!! What advice do you have for someone writing their first novel?

Holly: Write the story you want. Don’t let others opinions influence your authenticity

Liz: I love that! If you could be mentored by any author- dead or alive- who would it be and why?

Holly: Alive: Colleen Hoover (no surprise there) Dead: Edgar Allan Poe

I’d love to explore how they formulate their stories (or poetry) and what they find the most useful for conveying emotions

Liz: I am glad I found someone else who likes Edgar Allen Poe. When you finish writing a book, how do you celebrate?

Holly: I pour myself a drink and me and my husband have a dance party in our living room

Liz: OMG that is adorable. So with the release of the Sacred Hearts Duet- and even with your current WIP, what have you found to be your favorite and least favorite part of publishing so far?

Holly: Aside from actually writing, I love, love, love connecting with readers! It’s so rewarding & heartwarming. I’ve made some lovely friendships with my readers and they make the anxiety behind publishing worth it.

My least favorite part is marketing. Social media has never been my favorite, but that’s the best way to get my books in front of more readers. Creating content and figuring out the algorithm as caused headaches multiple times haha.

Liz: It’s been so nice finding people who have the same interest on here. And the algorithm is terrible. When it comes to writing- what do you have to have in your space/on your desk?

Holly: My music playing and a box of Golden Grahams for me to snack on.

Liz: Yummy! Last question! What are you currently reading?

Holly: I’m writing right now- which means reading has gone on the back burner for the time being. But my TBR has been growing & I’m going to make sure read my fellow indie author’s books first!

Liz: Super understandable! I love how much you show your fellow indie authors love!

Holly: Oh yes- we gotta be each other’s hype team!

Liz: Thank you for letting doing this interview- I enjoyed it so much!

Holly: Thank you for doing this!

Holly was such a delight to talk to. Her and I have messaged before, so that did help this interview go quite smoothly. Holly is also quite open about her support for mental health & is always super thankful for her readers.

She does have a current Work In Progress, but it won’t be around for a few more months. But if you’re interested in some small spoilers/information about the book- check out her Instagram! I’ll link it below for you!

Thank you so much for reading checking out my first author interview. I can’t wait to do more of them for you guys! Until next time!!


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