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Author Interview with Ali Albert

Ali Albert with her debut novel, “Temporal Love”

“Patience with yourself is key since it’s a process”

Ali Albert

Last week I got the amazing pleasure to have a interview with Ali Albert over Instagram DM. If you don’t know Ali already, she is an avid reader and is super hilarious. She is such an amazing human and I’m so glad I got the chance to interview her.

For those of you who haven’t got the chance to meet Ali or check out her Instagram, she released her Debut novel Temporal Love in April of 2022. I have loved her and her writing ever since I read it.

*Disclaimer- not all parts of Ali’s and I’d conversations are included, all of the questions & their answers are included, side conversations were not fully included*

Liz (me): Thank you again for being interviewed for my blog. It means the world to me. My first question for you is when did you start writing?

Ali: Of course!! Thanks for interviewing me. It’s fun🥰 I’ve been writing since high school but I finally decided to take my writing serious last year 😊

Liz: That’s super neat! What made you decide to take your writing serious?

Ali: Reading books! I challenged myself to try it out for myself

Liz: Well, as a reader, I’m glad you did! Are there any books would you say inspired you the most to take it seriously?

Ali: Yes! The Careless Whispers Series by Lisa Renee Jones. I love her books and her writing style inspired me completely

Liz: The title of the series is just 😍!! As a new author, are there any challenges you’ve faced?

Ali: I faced multiple challenges since Temporal Love was my debut. I struggled with finding someone to do the cover and obviously the editing process is a nightmare. 😂

Liz: What tips would you give someone whose writing their first novel, that might help them overcome the challenges that you faced?

Ali: Definitely give themselves time to find an editor and figure out what they want to do with the cover. Patience with yourself is key since it’s a process and it’s also important to shove your self-doubts away; trust that your work is unique since it’s yours

Liz: I love that!! Are there any risks you took with Temporal Love that you would say paid off?

Ali: Yes!! Turning it slightly dark. It was originally cleaner because I wanted a broader audience so I cut scenes out but I didn’t like how the story was without those crucial details so I put them back in

Liz: I think I speak for us all, when I say I’m glad you did! As an avid book reader, what elements would you say make up good writing?

Ali: In my opinion I think good character development is important in writing and dialogue. Showing the readers instead of telling them, if that makes sense?

Liz: Yes, 100%! If you could have an author, dead or alive, mentor you who would it be and why?

Ali: Lisa Renee Jones or Jennifer Hartmann! They’re my favorite authors 💓

Liz: I’ll have to check them out! Time for a little deeper of a question , how do you develop your plot & characters while writing?

Ali: Good question 🤔 I typically develop the characters prior to writing and then I develop the plot as I go, typically. I definitely planned Temporal Love out since I needed to build the world but for non PR book, I like to imagine the characters in my mind first and then plot out the story. 😊

Liz: I like it. Last question for you! How do you deal with negative reviews or comments?

Ali: I believe everyone has their own opinion of what makes an amazing book and someone’s favorite book might be a book someone hated, so I try not to take it personal.

Liz: I love!

At the end of my interviews I do ask the authors if they have anything about their current WIP that they’d love to share with their readers- in this case Ali did have something to share-

Ali: You have great questions! I love this. And aside from book 2 that’s in the works for Temporal Love, I’m working on a trilogy right now that takes place at a small beach town I made up. All three are completely different tropes and focus on different characters but they’re in the same world 💓 so the side characters in book 1 get their story told in book 2 & 3 of my WIP.

If you’re not excited about these current WIP’s then you can’t sit with us 💁🏼‍♀️ . Okay I’m kidding you can, but we show love & support for everyone good over here 🥰

I loved getting the chance to interview Ali. Learning about her writing style and her current WIP, was a dream come true honestly. Ali is always someone that has an amazing reference to a book or a cute/funny reel. So make sure to check out her Instagram for a potential book referral(:

Thank you for reading this interview. I will be posting my review over Temporal Love here in a few days 🥰


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