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Author Interview with Deborah Garland

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I’ll be sharing my interview with the author Deborah Garland! Deborah has written numerous books, including the Wild Texas Hearts Cowboy series. Which she has created a spin-off series for that I am LOVING!

Deborah is such a sweet, wonderful author. Our interview together was super nice, I loved getting to chat with her about her writing. Plus, like always, I love getting to learn more about authors I like. I was introduced to Deborah through the book tour company, thesmuthood. They send out sign-up emails that have ARC’s, all smutty of course, that you can sign up for after their database matches you to it. For all my lovely readers- I’ll share their instagram down below.

I matched with the first book in the WTHC spin off series- The Wyatt-Harding Security series. It’s title is Rough Lover, which definitely describes the main character, Grant Harding. I’ll be posting my review of that book on here in a few days, but it will also be featured in my monthly roundup at the end of August.

Now before I take up too much of your time, I’ll go ahead and share the interview with you guys.

Photo of Deborah Garland! Click this photo to go to her Instagram!

*Disclaimer- not all parts of Deborah’s and I’s conversations are included, all of the questions & their answers are included, side conversations were not fully included*

Liz (me): So my first question for you today is when did you first start writing?

Deborah: In high school. On a typewriter. Probably tells you way too much about my age.

Liz: Haha! That’s honestly really cool! What type of things did you write in High School?

Deborah: Fantasy. Time travel. Probably because I was fairly unhappy.

Liz: That’s really neat, especially since you write what you do today. Have you ever thought about publishing that type of writing? Or is it something you keep for yourself?

Deborah: I have a vampire series with a publisher and I really love those books. Wish more readers did. If I ventured out that way for more books, it would be vampire time travel.

Liz: Speaking of your current writing- The Wyatt-Harding Security series, where did you get the inspiration for it?

Deborah: For Wyatt-Harding… I was writing what I knew would be the final book in my Wild Texas Hearts Cowboy series and I needed a lead into a spin off. In The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner, book 6, the hero Declan has to break it off with the girl of his dreams to marry his childhood best friend at his parents insistence to get his trust fund. He’s already committed money to Grant (who is in book 6) to keep women safe on college campuses. It is the excuse I gave him to break the heroines heart. But there were twists and turns. He didn’t get his trust but he did get a gift that allowed him to give Grant the money. The prelude of Rough Lover happens right after the prequel Off Limits Lover and 4 years before The Cowboy’s Wedding Planner. I wanted a romantic suspense series that took place on a college campus that captured the college/new adult reader.

Liz: With having published multiple books, you have quite a bit of experience. What would you say is the hardest part of publishing?

Deborah: The hardest parts of publishing for me is editing and marketing. I write around 5 or 6 drafts of a book and then it goes to my critique partner for a development and line edit. I do the same for her. Then when I get that back I address her concerns with a few more edits Then it goes to a proofreader. Then it goes to my wonderful beta readers. Then it goes to ARC readers. I do a final proofread with the ARC. I wished i had an editor i can send a messy first draft to and say you deal with it! lol. Marketing is also a challenge. Right now I find all my readers on TikTok.

Liz: Oh wow. Are there any risks that you’ve taken with your writing that you would say paid off?

Deborah: Great question. I guess the risks were constantly investing money into new covers and fresh edits for my first series because it wasn’t selling. I think my debut novel had 7 covers to date. Getting a new one for the 5 year anniversary this month.

Liz: Oh wow- 7! Do you have copies with each cover? And that’s exciting- 5 years.

Deborah: I have paperbacks of all but one version. That’s how fast I changed it.

Liz: What advice would you give someone whose writing their first book?

Deborah: Advice for a person who wants to write their first book… That’s tough. It would depend on what their goal is. There are 2 publishing worlds. The one with agents and editors and book tours and Netflix movies getting made. I wish I could say that writing a masterpiece will get you that. That’s one in a million. That’s winning the lottery.

So my advice would be to really study and follow authors of the genre you want to write. It’s a lot of work. Sometimes with little or no return. I was in the red for the first 2.5 years. So go for the gold. Make it worth it. Stalk the author living the career you want. Read all his/her books. Follow on SM. Try to meet them. Believe it or not some big authors are gracious. Do PA work. Be a beta readers. Be an ARC reader. I had no idea about this when i started. Authors were just starting to be on social media. I didn’t have the opportunity to learn like an author starting now.

Liz: I love that. What authors or books would you say inspired you to be a writer?

Deborah: I didn’t read much as a kid or even a teenager. I hated reading. Then I had a terrible break up with a guy who called me ignorant because I didn’t read. So I dove into books. Mostly women’s fiction and chick lit. My first book was a women’s fiction. And I landed an agent with it. But no one wanted it. She then told me to write a romance. So I read Joanne Rock and Sylvia Day. Loved Sylvia Day. Met her at RWA. When I told her one of her books made me want to be a writer she stopped in her tracks to listen to me.

Liz: I have one last question for you- when you’re finished writing a book, how do you celebrate.

Deborah: My finishing book is always a cosmo.

After each of my author interviews I do ask the authors if there is anything about their current work in progress they’d like to share with their readers. This is what Deborah had to say about hers.

“My work in progress is the 3rd book in the Houston After Dark Series. It’s Zane’s story. I think there will be some surprises for readers. As far as Zane’s kink.”

I don’t know about anybody else but that makes me super pumped for that book.

Thank you so much Deborah, again, for willing to be interviewed by me. It means a lot to me. Thank you to my readers for checking out this author interview today. I hope you stick around for more!


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