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Rough Lover Review

Hello and welcome to todays blog post. In today’s blog post, I’ll be reviewing Deborah Garland’s most recent release- Rough Lover, which is Book 1 in the Houston After Dark series.

Rough Lover was the first book I finished in the month of August. It was such a wonderful, spicy book. I loved Grant’s character, he had such a dark, hard exterior. But his love for Avery, whew!!

I was introduced to Rough Lover thanks to the book tour company- Smuthood. I’ll link them down below, but I recommend them for any smut lover who wants to find new authors and book series. It definitely has become a favorite for me, if you’ve seen my recent TikTok’s then you understand. But before I ramble too much- I hope you enjoy my review of Rough Lover, and thank you so so much for reading!

Click the photo to buy your copy of Rough Lover! It’s featured in my “Recently Featured” List!!
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Rating- 4.5/5 star rating

Grant Harding is every girls dream man. A hard ass whose only soft to the girl he loves, uses your body for his pleasure, but loves you hard when he’s done, and is respectful to your daddy. He’s a private investigator whose recently opened his own firm, and his first big job is at Magnolia College. The college where the girl he hasn’t stopped thinking about for 4 years father works, and where his little sister Callie goes.

Avery Clark is a 22 year old graduate student. And 4 years ago she fell for Grant Harding when her father hired him to protect her. Now 4 years later she’s helping her father at Magnolia College, and gets to meet Grant again.

Their instant love was amazing. I loved getting to see Grant’s hard exterior slowly melt for Avery. Avery is a badass, who doesn’t need anyone to protect her, but Grant always will protect her regardless. She needs trained for her new LA security job, and Grant is just the man to do it. The way Avery grows while working with him and his team was phenomenal.

I love getting to see her ideas for ways to catch the perpetrator, she’s so intelligent. I love the ending, so much. Grant definitely does what I was wishing he’d do all book. I love how he keeps his past as his own business, until Avery asks and he slowly lets her in. Almost makes me want a P.I cowboy

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