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From The Ashes Book Review

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Before I start with my review, I need to give my readers, you guys, some information on this book.

This book is not for everybody. It deals with some BIG tops throughout the whole novel. I’m not saying this to scare anybody off of reading this book, I just know how triggering some of these things can be.

I will first give the synopsis of the novel and then my thoughts and feelings about it.


Dear Mom,
Why wasn’t I enough? Why did you and Dad forget you had me to take care of and love? I miss you.
Do you even know where I ended up? Let me tell you.
At the gates of Hell.
And I wish I was being dramatic, but Darkwood Academy is just that. A literal Hell for me.
I’m constantly bullied and tormented by the students here. And they’re relentless in their pursuit to get rid of me. All because they take directions from the Kings of Darkwood.
Yeah, I laughed too. Who calls themselves that?
But Daxon, Mason, and Colton are three guys who have made it their mission to make my life hell. They run this school, and I seem to be in their way. Why not get everyone to gang up on me?
I just wish you were here. I have no one to turn to, no one to talk to. You selfishly left me. Left me live to this life alone.
And that’s what I am, Mom. Alone.
I hope you’re watching over me from above. I know I’m looking up to you.
Because now more than ever, I need a guardian angel.


FROM LYNN HERSELF: This book contains strong subject matter that may not be suitable for all readers, including scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss: anxiety, blood, bullying, death, depression, emotional abuse, self-harm, slut shaming, stalking, suicide and violence. There is profanity and sexual situations. Reader discretion is advised.


4.5 out of 5 star rating

I love the multi perspective in the book. Not only do we get Phoenix’s POV, we get Colton’s, Daxon’s and Mason’s. And I loved each of their chapters. I hope the next book has more of the boys POV.

Phoenix was definitely a badass bitch. I love how headstrong she was. She was such an amazing person, who had so much bad shit happen to her. She’s definitely got the rough end of things. I love how she tried to keep her head up with everything going on at school. 

I did not like any of the “three kings”, Colton, Daxon, or Mason. They’re super judgmental towards Phoenix and they believe things without knowing the full truth. I did not like the personality change they did, (okay I liked the writing of it, but I don’t like them). I feel as if the boys are lost and can’t decide what to do.

I can’t wait to see what the next book has in store for us all

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